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Key Points

“Like” is what drives us. Give your dreams shape at Tokyo Visual Arts.

4 ways of supporting your future

While we will support you during your two years at school learning skills to succeed as a professional, we will also support before and after your studies.
* Support before admission * Support in class * Support in job searching and debut * Support after graduation

A network of over 36,000 graduates.

Using a pipeline of graduates born from experi- ence as well as cooperation and partnerships with companies of the industry, our professional staff will give you proper career guidance.

Implement skills through the connection of school and industry! Professional work with top companies.

Affiliations: Japan Rugby Top League, Aoni Produc- tion, Make-Up Dimensions, Short Film Theater “Tollywood”, Music Magazine “CD&DL Data”, Live House “Shimokitazawa ReG”, and many others.

Extension courses where you can also study in other departments

You will gain a wide range of knowledge through various fields in this integrated school. By choos- ing from a variety of classes, you can get closer to the future you are aiming for.

Departments and Majors

An integrated school of entertainment and creativity!
These are the ten departments that will support your future.

Photography Dept.

Choose your favorite subjects from a variety of majors, and while cultivating your skills and expression through digital photography, film development, and image processing, you can learn the skills of photography.

  • Comprehensive Photography Major
  • Cameraman Major
  • Fashion Photography Course
  • Commercial Photography Course
  • Sports Photography Course
  • Live Photography Course
  • Bridal/Portrait Photography Course
  • Photograph Expression Major
  • Artist Course
  • Documentary Photography Course
  • Landscape Photography Course
  • Photography Design Course

Broadcasting Dept. 【TV Broadcasting Major】

We have begun a new cooperative project with TOKYO MX (Tokyo Metropolitan Television Corporation)! We produce shows in cooperation with actual entertainers and actors. While you are a student, you can improve your practical skills by participating in creating productions ON AIR!

  • Television Major
  • Producer/Director Course
  • TV Editor/MA Course

Broadcasting Dept. 【Movie Major】

Through workshops with film directors, you will put what you learn in your classes into practice. You can also start making film while a student during internship.

  • Movie Major
  • Movie Director Course
  • Movie Technical Course

Broadcasting Dept. 【Videography Major】

At Broadcasting Department, first-year students on the first semester gain basic knowledge and skills that are common in the broadcast, video and movie industries, then move to study the depth of each field.
Now, many industries seek the competence of a broadcasting creator, so we’re making the list of employment options and curriculum best suited to students.

  • Videography Major
  • Video Director
  • CM・MV Course
  • CG・VFX Course

Special Effects Make-up Dept.

While you are at school, you can participate in movies, events, and shows as hair and make-up/special effects make-up staff. You will learn real world techniques directly from professionals.

  • Special Effects Make-up Major
  • Video and Stage Make-up Major
  • Molding/Figure Major

Mass & Visual Communication Dept.

Express what you like about entertainment, fashion, music, anime, etc. We will support your employment into the world of magazine, video, and the web.

  • Publishing/Editing Major
  • Comprehensive Publishing Course
  • Magazine Editing Course
  • Graphic Design Course
  • Video Major
  • Comprehensive Video Course
  • CM/MV Course
  • CG Video Course
  • Web Major
  • Web Director Course
  • Web Designer Course

General Music Department【Staff Major】

Participate in a large number of events off campus while you are still a student. We are fully equipped with many facets of the music industry like a live house, label management, and a recording studio.

  • Technical Staff Major
  • PA Course
  • Lighting Course
  • PA & Lighting Course
  • PA & Recording Course
  • Music Business Major
  • Event & Promoter Course
  • Music Production Course

General Music Department【Musician Major】

At Musician Major, students learn performance technics and expressions, in addition to composing and arranging music, DTM (desktop music) and recording under guidance of professional musicians.   

  • Musician Major 
  • Vocal Course
  • Guitar Course
  • Bass Guitar Course
  • Dram Course
  • Composition and Arrangement Course

Voice Actor/Actor Dept.

Our classes are backed up by Aoni Production and the Haiyuza Theatre Company. While you are still a student,  there are chances to debut as a voice actor in games, and we support you until you pass your audition and make your debut.

  • Voice Actor Major
  • Anime Voice Actor Course
  • Voice Actor/Vocal Course
  • Actor Department
  • Actor/Talent Course
  • Actor/Voice Actor Course

Dance Dept.

With a curriculum that will polish your dance techniques from the most basic levels, and gaining experience on various stages during your school life, acquire the skills of a professional dancer.

  • Dance Performance Major
  • Street and Back Dancer Course
  • Theme Park & Musical Dancer Course
  • Dance Vocal Course
  • Dance Instructor Course

Student Data

Student Data by Department

Students by Home Country


Prospective Careers

  • Photographer
  • Photography Artist
  • Producer
  • Television Cameraman
  • Recording Mixer
  • Film Director
  • Scenario Writer
  • Movie Editor
  • Special Effects Make-up Artist
  • Movie/TV/Stage/CM Make-up Staff
  • Magazine Editor
  • Filmmaker
  • CM Director
  • Sound Engineer
  • Event Planner
  • Artist Manager
  • Recording Engineer
  • Band Vocalist
  • Actor
  • Back Dancer
  • Choreographer
  • Musical Dancer

Post-Graduation Employment

  • Studio Ebis
  • A.I. Co., Ltd.
  • Nyan Video Workshop (Beijing)
  • frogcompany, inc.
  • Mitsubishi Corporation (Taiwan) Ltd.
  • My Planning & Publicity Co., Ltd.
  • ML Productions (Mexico)
  • majime inc.
  • Marvel, Inc.
  • EN Theater Group
    …and many others

Track Record

Musashino Art University of Design and Information Sciences
…and many others

Debut Support

Campus Debut Audition

75 talent agencies, voice productions, and theater companies come to the school!


Debut a CD with an independent label! Up to 75 talent agencies, voice productions, and theater companies come to school to discover new artists! We will back you up in promoting, CD releases, and training.


 Single Payment OptionMultiple Payment Option
First SemesterSecond Semester
Regular TuitionFirst YearJPY 1,397,000JPY 967,000JPY 430,000
Second YearJPY 1,384,000JPY 858,000JPY 526,000
International Student
Special Scholarship
First YearJPY 1,197,000JPY 767,000JPY 430,000
Second YearJPY 1,284,000JPY 758,000JPY 526,000

International Student Special Scholarship System:JPY 300,000 will be waived from tuition over 2 years for students who pass the admissions process and meet recommendation requirements.
*Separate learning materials and training fees are required. (Differs depending on department and major.)

Admissions Exam

Document AssessmentO
Japanese Written Exam *1 (Equivalent of JLPT N2)△
Interview ExamO
Essay *2△

*1 Those who have passed at the Japanese Language Proficiency Test Level N2 or higher are not required to take a written exam.
*2 Depending of the results of the written exam there is also a possibility of a written composition.

Facilities and Equipment

State-of-the art facilities that would surprise even professionals. Use them to your heart’s content!

At this school, we are constantly introducing the latest equipment to meet the needs of the industry so that you can be active immediately after graduation. These can be used from the day you enter the school and can even be used outside of the classroom. Please use the facilities prepared for you to your heart’s content.

Photo Studio

So that many students can freely use the equipment as much as possible, we have many full-fledged photo studios, as well as many of the same camera-related equipment that the professionals use.

Photography Darkroom (E Darkroom)

We have many items such as monochrome booths, an automatic color developing ma- chine, and an 8×10 enlarger.

Computer Room

In the Photography Department’s computer room, there are 80 personal computers. In class, you can learn digital photo processing without having to share a computer.

Avid Media Composer Room

HDCam editing room. An editing room dedi- cated to Avid’s “Media Composer” system.

Digital High-Definition Television Studio (G Studio)

A television studio with the latest shooting and lighting equipment in the same specifications as those used in television production. You can use digital high-definition compatible which provides clear images.

Digital High-Definition Studio Control Room (G sub Studio)

TV studio dedicated control room. Stocked with equipment needed to aid in production, such as being able to switch between multiple cameras and audio instantly.

16mm Film Camera

Arriflex and Éclair’s 16mm film cameras.

Special Effects Make-up Room

Production workshop for things like molding and appliance (mold-making), wound make-up, and creature make-up. This space stirs up your creative impulses with specialized tools, and special materials like paper-clay and paints.

Smoke Room

VFX dedicated editing room. Complete with Autodesk Smoke and Adobe After Effects.

Make-up Studio

Studio equipped with tools essential to make-up.

Dubbing Studio

Studio used for dubbing and voice overs in anime and movies.

Media Hall

In this largest space on campus. There are great professional PA and lighting equipment and even moveable chairs. Other than live shows, it is also used for debut auditions on campus and guest events.

Recording Studio

A new recording studio equipped with a 5.1channel sound system. Can be used for not only music recording but also dubbing.

Music Production Lab

Complimented with the newest DTM and DAW equipment for use in music production.

Ensemble Studio

A spacious lesson studio where you can hold ensemble lessons and stage performances in a band, and you can also hold a mini live.

Dance Lesson Studio

From ballet, JAZZ to HIPHOP, this studio is equipped with audio equipment for use with lessons of any genre. There are 7 dance lesson studios and 5 rooms at Waseda Research Institute.


Extracurricular Activities

Get out of the classroom and show your skills to professionals!

Throughout the year, there are many opportunities to participate in events and exhibitions where your work can be seen by the outside world.


This is a special large- scale audition, attended by many major labels. This is only available for Tokyo Visual Arts students.

Approx.80companies participate!


Started in 2001, this is the world’s most intense movie-making competition. Participants have 48 hours to take a movie from script to filming/editing based on a certain theme. The winner will be screened at the Cannes International Film Festival.

School Life

Learn with Japanese students! Experience Japanese culture first-hand!

For those considering employment at a Japanese company, understanding Japanese culture is of the utmost importance. And the best way to do so is to make lots of Japanese friends! At Adachi Education Group, Japanese students and international students study side-by-side, taking the same courses, providing a great chance to learn Japanese language and culture! Even if you are worried about making friends in Japan, those worries will soon disappear! Nationality is no border when pursuing a shared goal!

Adachi Education Group International Student Party
It has always been my dream to live abroad, and I was motivated by my desire to work in TV drama. After entering TVA my concerns were completely blown away, and I’ve had a stimulating experience I could have only found studying abroad.

Lebedeva Ekaterina

  • Broadcasting Dept., Television Major
  • Russia

Photo Exhibition at the School Festival

Fun with Overseas Training!



Interviews with students who made their dreams realities here in Japan!

I’m active in fashion magazine and advertising photography on the world stage
In 2006, as a charity project to support the victims of the Sumatra Earthquake, I released a photo collection of 300 Asian Celeberties titled “super stars”. Again, as a result of the Great Japan Earthquake in 2011, I finished another charity based album, “Love&Hope” receiving the Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry Award for Advertising at the 2012 APA Awards. During my time at Tokyo Visual Arts I took many photographs every day, and those photographs were the start of the subsequent albums. Because of the free atmosphere at Tokyo Visual Arts, I was able to develop a push-the-boundaries atmosphere to challenge myself. It was the era of film photography when I was a student, but now we can take photos in digital. Since you live in such a blessed era, please use the opportunity to take many photos.

Leslie Kee

  • Graduated in Photography
  • Singapore

Photo grapher


Admissions Office11 Yonbancho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo #102-0081
Tel0120-62-6006Tel (From Overseas)+81-3-3221-0202