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Key Points

A comprehensive business school for mastering business skills, as well as becoming a full-fledged member of society.

A comprehensive business school with a 49 years of history.

The keyword is [Assemble]. Students, dreams, teachers, offers, informa- tion, employment preparation,… This is an environment where all things necessary are brought together just for you.

Turn “passion” into business!

“Turn the thing you like to work”. We offer a wide range of study fields to help you find your desired business industry and provide you an environ- ment where you can grow into a talented individual.

Promise of ideal careers!

We offer individual guidance such as motivation and self-analysis, coaching and preparing for practical interview so that you can proceed with the job hunting without wasting any opportunities, thus become able to achieve your ideal careers.

Various educational-industrial collaborative programs with publishers and professional sport corporations

We organize training programs with the editorial department of major publishing companies and TV program producers. The students also get to learn all sorts of know-how thanks to the cooperation with professional baseball teams such as “Nippon HamFighters”.

Departments and Majors

Without stop, TSB keeps evolving with time

TSB captures accurately the trend of the times which is continuously changing day by day from a global point of view. Up until now, TSB have been taking the lead as a pioneer comprehensive business school covering a wide range of fields.

Business Management Dept./Business Administration Dept.

From foreign-affiliated firm, financial staff to local corporation and distribution, we strive to cultivate human resources that can play an active role on the world stage. The curriculum focuses on the goal of acquiring necessary qualifications/ certificates.

Business Management Dept. (2 Years Curriculum)
  • Business Management Major
  • SME Course
  • Business Administration Course
  • Information Management Course
  • Distribution-Marketing Major
  • Global Business Major
  • Accounting/Finance Major
  • Real-Estate/Financial Plan Course
  • Financial Affair/Accounting Course
Business Administration Department (4 Years Curriculum)
  • Administration Advanced Diploma Major

Publication and Entertainment Dept.

In order to survive in the mass communication industry, specialized knowledge and expertise skills are required. We have veteran lecturers with extensive knowledge and experience on the industry to give advices, guidance and help students develop a strong foundation.

Publishing – Advertising Field
  • Comprehensive Publication Editing Major
  • Anime – Voice Actor Magazine Editing Major
  • Advertising Major
  • Fashion Magazine Editing Major
  • Sport Magazine Editing Major
Entertainment – Celebrity Field
  • Entertainment Production Major
  • Entertainment Production Course
  • Fan Club Staff Course
  • Talent Manager Course
  • Visual Production Course

Office Business Dept.

Students learn the necessary business skills and manners in order to become professional business officer who can work under any conditions.

  • Business License Major
  • Business Computing Major
  • Secretary Major

Sport Business Dept.

We focus on the cultivation of human resources who are capable of working in various sport-related fields like sporting goods manufacturers/shops, event organizers, club managers, resort and etc.

  • Sport Marketing Major
  • Event Producer Major
  • Health & Sports Management Major
  • Trainer Course
  • Instructor Course

IT Business Dept.

We teach the necessary skills from basics to advanced knowledge while adjusting to each individual student’s ability at the same time.

  • Information Processing Major
  • SE/Programming Course
  • IT Business Course
  • Web Business Major

Medical Business Dept.

The students learn starting from the basics and eventually go to hospital for practical training. As for employment support, the teachers are always there to assist the students in finding a medical institution suitable for them.

  • Medical Business/Secretary Major
  • Medical/Welfare Service Major

Fashion Business Dept.

We are aiming to cultivate human resources who will shoulder the fashion industry in the future. We also offer Interior Design lessons as well as preparation lessons for qualification test.

  • Fashion Business Major

Shop Business Dept.

From planning, operation, merchandise display, customer service, selling, best-selling product purchasing to inventory management, sales management/calculation, etc… Everything concerning shop operation will be taught practically in this department.

  • Variety Store Business Major
  • Shop Management Major

Flower Business Dept.

Aiming to become talented people who are needed by the flower industry, the students study Ikebana (Japanese flower arrangement art) and western flower arrangement, having their skills and senses polished throughout the course.

  • Bridal Flower Major
  • Flower Shop Major

Pet Business Dept./ Pet Business Administration Dept.

Students strive to master the pet-related knowledge and skills such as discipline, grooming, nursing, and business. Our aim is to nurture specialists who can shoulder the responsibility of creating a society where dogs and human live happily together.

Pet Business Dept. (2 Years Curriculum)
  • Trimming Course
  • Dog Trainer Course
  • Pet Nursing Course
  • Animal Therapy Course
  • Pet Shop Business
Pet Business Administration Dept. (4 Years Curriculum)

Student Data

Student Data by Department

Students by Home Country


TSB exceeds at career, qualification and higher study support!

Prospective Careers

  • Manager
  • Accounting
  • General Affairs
  • Human Resources
  • Secretary
  • Customs Specialist
  • International Trading Business
  • Real-Estate Business
  • Real-Estate Office work
  • Duty-free Shop Staff
  • Travel/Tourism related Business
  • Marketing
  • Programmer
  • Web Designer
  • Magazines/Web Editor
  • Business Consultant
  • System Engineer
  • Sportswear-makers
  • Fashion Designer
  • Fashion Adviser
  • Fashion Brand (Overseas Business)
  • Miscellaneous Shop Staff/Manager

Post-Graduation Employment

  • Tokyu Hands Co., Ltd.
  • Meierwe International Trading Co., Ltd.
  • Sakura International Inc.
  • Tokyo Tagawa Kaisha., Ltd.
  • Federal Express Corporation
  • Kokusai Express Co., Ltd.
  • Daewoo Japan Co., Ltd.
  • Green House Co., Ltd.
  • Hanjin Logistic Japan Co., Ltd.
  • Carchs Holdings Co.,Ltd.
  • Info Rance Corporation
  • Cowell Co., Ltd.
  • Staff Bridge Co., Ltd.
  • Japan Sansho Food Service Co., Ltd.
  • Adastria Co., Ltd.
  • Bushiroad Inc.
    …and many others

Track Record

  • Saitama University (3 years)
  • Shiga University (3 years)
  • Kanagawa University (3 years)
  • Komazawa University (3 years)
  • Kokushikan University (2 years)
  • Takushoku University (3 years)
  • Surugadai University (3 years)
  • Oberlin University (3 years)
  • Teikyo University (2 years, 3 years)
  • Kaetsu University (3 years)
  • Ryutsu Keizai University (2 years)
  • Waseda University Graduate School
  • Rikkyo University Graduate School
  • Nihon University Graduate School
  • Josai International University Graduate School (5 years onward)
    …and many others


 Single Payment OptionMultiple Payment Option
First SemesterSecond Semester
Regular TuitionFirst YearJPY 1,247,000JPY 837,000JPY 410,000
Second YearJPY 1,292,000JPY 786,000JPY 506,000
International Student
Special Scholarship
First YearJPY 1,047,000JPY 637,000JPY 410,000
Second YearJPY 1,192,000JPY 686,000JPY 506,000

International Student Special Scholarship System:JPY 300,000 will be waived from tuition over 2 years for students who pass the admissions process and meet recommendation requirements.t
*Separate teaching materials and training costs are required (Differs depending on department and major) *Tuition fees for third/fourth years is 1,092,000 yen

Admissions Exam

Document AssessmentO
Japanese Written Exam (Equivalent of JLPT N2)O
Interview ExamO
Essay *△

*Only applied to Publication and Entertainment Dept.

Facilities and Equipments

We offer an ideal environment and a fulfilling campus life.

A modern campus equipped with state-of-the-art facilities. We provide a practical study environment which is nearly identical to the actual professional workplace. You can look forward to a happy school life while trying your best to pursue your dream here in TSB.

TSB Shopping Mall

The newly renovated original store inside the campus is now open! This space is created based on the image of a shopping mall with famous brand stores. Here the students can learn the way of planning and managing a store, from stocking goods, merchandise displaying to customer service, sales and operation, as they are allowed to run their own original stall on a regular schedule.

Editorial Planning Room

This is the classroom where students learn the basics of creating a magazine such as planning, data collection, writing expression, etc. On the display shelf there are numerous of magazines made by graduates, which serve as inspiration for the next generation of students.

Entertainment Lab

This is the room for meeting during class or TV program production practice. It is fully-equipped with moni- tors and sound facilities.

TSB Fitness Room

The aerobic class as well as recreation is held in this fitness room. There are also shower room available.

Fashion Planning Room

This classroom is mainly used by students of Fashion Business Dept for various lessons such as clothes coordination practice, fashion brand planning, etc.

Flower Workshop

During 2 years, the students will be taught not only the techniques of Ikebana and oriental flower arrange-ment but also the heart of flower art as well as moral culture.

Shop Planning Room

This is where various shop-related lessons are taking place, such as store interior layout, goods display, sales. The seasonal goods and trendy goods are often used during practical lessons.

Compass Cube

From goods stocking, displaying to operation and sales, by actually managing a shop inside the campus on a regular schedule, the students learn the way of store management.

Windows Practice Room I

The classroom where students from all department practice using Windows. Advanced web related software and design software are also installed for usage.

Presentation Room

This room is used for various purposes such as presentation skill practicing and special lectures from invited guests.

Macintosh Practice Room I

Brand new Macintoshes are prepared for each individual student. This room is used for DTP (Desktop publishing) practical training. The students learn to master basic design/editing softwares such as InDesign, Illustrator, Photo- shop, etc.

Student Salon

The salon for student with the orange tone. This is the ideal space to have tea with friends or taking a break from classes. It is also a good place for interacting with students from another department.


Extracurricular Activities

Get out of the classroom and show your skills to professionals!

Throughout the year, there are many opportunities to participate in events and exhibitions where your work can be seen by the outside world.

Classes with Corporate Collaboration

  • Business Plan Contest
  • Business Service Research
  • Gift 􏰞Promotion Demo
  • 􏰟Regional Movie Marketing Promotion
  • 􏰟Roadside Station 􏰠Usage P􏰞roposal (Kyonan Town, Chiba)


A fashion event in TSB style. After deciding a theme, students oversee all aspects of the fashion show, including the com- position, coordination, modelling, catwalk, and operation of the show with instruction from teachers.

School Life

Learn with Japanese students! Experience Japanese culture first-hand!

For those considering employment at a Japanese company, understanding Japanese culture is of the utmost importance. And the best way to do so is to make lots of Japanese friends! At Adachi Education Group, Japanese students and international students study side-by-side, taking the same courses, providing a great chance to learn Japanese language and culture! Even if you are worried about making friends in Japan, those worries will soon disappear! Nationality is no border when pursuing a shared goal!

Adachi Education Group International Student Party
I was worried I would have trouble making friends, but luckily there aren’t many students in my department and we’re all friends. I also have Japanese friends. They want to interact with the exchange students, which makes school life a blast.


  • Business Administration Dept.
  • Taiwan

Sports Event

Will I be able to make friends?
School Festival (Kiyousai), Manner Training

Student’s Voice

I’m interested in Japanese culture.
I want to learn business manner in Japan as well as Japanese culture, so I decided to apply to TSB. Currently I’m doing my best to get the business qualification certificates.

Golyshev Nikta

  • Business Management Dept.
  • Business Management Major
  • Russia


Interviews with students who made their dreams realities here in Japan!

At TSB I was able to increase my understanding and grow as a human being
I am currently working in branding policy where I measure the performance of products and design plans around them. At TSB, I was taught to search for the answer myself, and learn from the choices I made.Because everyone at school was paid close attention to, not only did I increase my understanding of the industry, but I also developed as an individual. In product design, you must have a good understanding, but information gathering, imagination, flexibility, and decision making are also important. Due to my time at TSB, I was able to develop these skills and can now use them every day in my work.

Lu Yun Fan

  • Graduated in Fashion Business
  • Taiwan

Designs planned by Lu Yun Fan


Admissions Office1-56 Yoyogi Shibuya-ku, Tokyo #151-0053
Tel0120-65-6006Tel (From Overseas)+81-3-3370-2222