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Key Points

Aim for the service industry! You can learn everything in only 2 years!


TOKAN is one among the top schools of tourism and service in Japan.

More than 30.000 graduates are actively working in the tourism and service industry. This overwhelming job performance was achievable thanks to the network and relationships of trust the school has managed to build.

The employment rate of international students is 100%! Many of them are working in the top class companies of the industry!

Thanks to the thorough follow up and information of both the depart- ment main teacher and the employment center teacher, students have the opportunity to receive personal career guidance which has led to high job performance.

This curriculum will allow you to be ready to work right after getting a job.

Together with a lot of training classes and off-campus training, as well as internships (corporate training) and industry-university cooperation programs, there are a lot of classes that will prove useful for your work in the future.

Classes that prepare you for official tests and licenses which will become your competitive advantages during job hunting.

Our school has a lot of special classes and seminars to prepare you for the official licenses exams. Every year, this helps a great number of students to achieve their goal. In addition, you can also receive tuitions for the qualifications obtained in other departments as well.

Departments and Majors

From bridal, hotel, travel to airline, barista, interpreter… As a comprehensive tourism service school, we offer a variety of fields to choose from.

Hotel Dept. (2 years)

As a school with a long history, we have gained trust from the hotel industry. Let’s aim for the highest stage of hospitality business together in Tokan!

  • Hotel Major
  • Theme Park Hotel Major
  • Restaurant/Sommelier Major
  • Bartender Major

Travel Dept. (2 years)

Nurture the “truly important things” that will prove useful in the travel industry from now on.

  • Visit Japan Major
  • Travel Major
  • Travel Planner Major
  • Travel Counter Major
  • Tour Conductor Major
  • Event / Sports Major
  • Domestic Travel Major
  • Overseas Travel Major

Tourism Business Dept. (2 years)

This course is specially designed for those who wants to improve their Japanese language proficiency while studying the necessary skills to challenge the Licensed guide exam, for the goal of working in Japan.

  • Japanese/Chinese Interpretation Course
  • Japanese/Korean Interpretation Course
  • Asia Japanese Course
  • International Tourism Service Course
  • English Course

Airline Service Dept. (2 years)

Obtain a job in the airline industry by acquiring practical skills as well as high level English proficiency used in the real workplace.

  • Ground Staff Course
  • Cabin Attendant Course
  • Aviation Handling Course
  • Airline Specialist (1 year)

Cafe Services Dept. (2 years)

Aim to become a specialist at the forefront of the café and sweets industry.

  • Cafe Business Major
  • Barista Major
  • Pâtissier Major

Bridal Dept. (2 years)

An overwhelming result that has been created thanks to the trust that has been build up for many years with the bridal industry.

  • Wedding Planner Major
  • Dress Coordinator Major
  • Bridal Flower Arrangement Major
  • Bridal Hair Make Major
  • Events Produce Major

Railway Service Dept. (2 years)

Learn how to think on your own, utilize new technology and knowledge to fulfill your dream and become an immediate asset for the industry.

  • Railway Service Course
  • Maintenance Course

Funeral Director Dept. (2 years)

From the foundation of the funeral industry to the law and the construction of the flower altar, aim to become professionals who possess “comprehen- sive skills”.

  • Funeral Director Course

Student Data

Student Data by Department

Students by Home Country


*As of 2016, the Food and Beverage department became part of the Hotel department as Restaurant/Sommelier Major.

Prospective Careers

High employment rate! Keep going towards graduation!

TOKAN has produced over 32.000 graduates in the Tourism industry. We have built a relationship of trust with many companies.

Qualifications / Tests

Thorough support for qualification/test measures!

At TIT, we have established an environment where you are able to study for a large number of qualifications such as National Qualifications.

Prospective Careers

  • Hotel Staff (Front service, Room clerk, Bellboy, Concierge etc.)
  • Airport ground staff
  • Cabin attendant
  • Restaurant service staff
  • Duty free shop staff
  • Interpreter guide
  • Barista
  • Travel Planner
  • Café owner
  • Tour Conductor
  • Wedding planner


 Single Payment OptionMultiple Payment Option
First SemesterSecond Semester
Regular TuitionFirst YearJPY 1,365,000JPY 915,000JPY 450,000
Second YearJPY 1,414,000JPY 858,000JPY 556,000
International Student
Special Scholarship
First YearJPY 1,165,000JPY 715,000JPY 450,000
Second YearJPY 1,314,000JPY 758,000JPY 556,000

International Student Special Scholarship System:JPY 300,000 will be waived from tuition over 2 years for students who pass the admissions process and meet recommendation requirements.
*Separate teaching materials and training costs are required (Differs depending on department and major)

Admissions Exam

Document AssessmentO
Japanese Written Exam *(Equivalent of JLPT N2)O
Interview ExamO

Facilities and Equipments

With facilities and equipment similar to the real workplace, you will be able to acquire practical knowledge!

The TIT facilities and equipment are a perfect reproduction of the real workplace! By studying in such realistic environment, the students can adapt quickly to their work after graduating and become immediate asset to their company.

Restaurant Training Room

Inspired by a real hotel main dining room, this multi-purpose training room can serve as a reception hall that can accommodate a 100 people (banquet room). The authentic hotel style bar fa- cilities allow you to learn the techniques of a real bartender.

Hotel Guest Room Training Room

The perfect reproduction of a foreign deluxe twin hotel room. Facilities such as the bath, basin or toilet area are all genuine. This allows you to receive train- ing in the same environment as the actual workplace.


Reception Training Room

The receptionist can be considered the face of a hotel. With this training room, you will learn how escort a guest, the check-in/out process and become famil- iar with the work of a Hotelier.

Bartender Training Room

This classroom was built based on a real hotel’s main bar counter. You will be trained in the cocktail making using a wide variety of liqueurs, drinks etc.

Aviation Training Room

This classroom has just been renovated to look like the interior of an airplane with the business class’s seats (actual size). Here you can have practical classes on the cabin attendant’s job such as flight service etc.

Airport Counter Training Room

The airport’s check in counter that will be a major workplace for those of Ground Staff Major has just been renovated. The students can use these equipments to learn various services such as boarding procedure and baggage custody.

Airline Ticket Reservation and Ticketing System AXESS

AXESS is the system that is connected to the host computer of airline compa- nies and is used to make reservations and purchase tickets. You will learn the reservation and ticketing work by using the real system.

Driving Simulator

The driving simulator has been intro- duced for the first time in THIS school, before any other colleges. This simulator is the same model as the one used for the JR company, which allows you to learn about the operation of a train.

A travel company within the school, Tokyo Green Travel

It is a real travel company that has received the approval of the Tokyo Met- ropolitan Government. Starting with counter work by selling travel goods, you will learn about the actual travelling agency’s business content.

Patisserie Training Room

We have a specialized kitchen where you can make cakes that require ad- vanced techniques. In this special kitchen, you will also find professional equipments of a real store such as a big oven, cold table, etc.

Chapel Training Room

The unique and solemn atmosphere of a chapel has been reproduced. Using the same equipments as a hotel or wedding company’s assembly hall, you can create a wide variety of wedding styles.

Make-up Room

Hollywood mirrors are installed on the surface of the whole wall. The lessons are conducted using the same profes- sional equipments used in hotels and wedding halls. The cosmetics are also the same as those used by pros.

Flower Arrangement Training Room

Students learn how to create bouquets, boutonnieres or flower arrangements with Ikebana techniques. The tools and the equipments provided are exactely the same as those of a real shop.

Fitting Room

This is where students practice coordi- nating by matching wedding dresses and cocktail dresses. It is a reproduction of the actual workplace with plenty of dresses following new trends and designs.

Extracurricular Activities

Get out of the classroom and show your skills to professionals!

Throughout the year, there are many opportunities to participate in events and exhibitions where your work can be seen by the outside world.

Maihama Official Hotel Planning

Students research, plan, and present an original hotel package which is offered to actual customers.

Event Support in Okinawa

An extracurricular learning experience where students participant as event staff in Okinawa during January. Students improve their critical thinking skills through event planning.

School Life

Learn with Japanese students! Experience Japanese culture first-hand!

For those considering employment at a Japanese company, understanding Japanese culture is of the utmost importance. And the best way to do so is to make lots of Japanese friends! At Adachi Education Group, Japanese students and international students study side-by-side, taking the same courses, providing a great chance to learn Japanese language and culture! Even if you are worried about making friends in Japan, those worries will soon disappear! Nationality is no border when pursuing a shared goal!

Adachi Education Group International Student Party
TIT’s many hands-on classes are very attractive. With the coming 2020 Tokyo Olympics, there will be a rise in foreign visitors to Japanese hotels. I hope to learn a lot during my studies at TIT, so I can work at a Japanese hotel and welcome many tourists.

Kang Min Hee

  • Hotel Dept.
  • Korea

Riding the bus to climb Mt. Fuji

Lots of fun! Heating up at the ball game!



Interviews with students who made their dreams realities here in Japan!

JTB allowed me to achieve my heart’s desire in my workplace.
I’m so grateful for all the advice I received from the professors at the Tokyo Institute of Tourism. I now work at the place I wanted to most, JTB. After finishing language school and finding work, I really feel that this path was worthwhile.

Wibowo Bobbie

  • Graduated from the School of Travel
  • Indonesia


Admissions Office3-21 Ichigaya Tamachi, Shinjuku-Ku, Tokyo #162-0843
Tel0120-67-6006Tel (From Overseas)+81-3-3235-2228