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Key Points

Participate in many industry specific, hands-on activities and classes which will hone your communication skills and a deeper aesthetic sense!

Create original works as a team

Develop your ability to communicate in a team of students specializing in various parts of the creation and production process.

Gain practical skills through various practice classes

Learn through actual situations such as the one day game production project “Game Jam” and the child- oriented anime screening “Animation Caravan”.

Use cutting edge equipment to augment your learning.

The students learn the skills necessary to work in the industry using the latest industry standard equipments.

Receive direct guidance from professionals

The students get to learn the techniques directly from professional lecturers who are working in the industry, starting from the basics.

Departments and Majors

Game General Dept. (2 years)

  • Game Advertising Major
  • Game Planning Major
  • Game Programmer Major
  • Game Illustration Major
  • Game 3DCG Major
  • Game Movie Major
  • Game Sound Major
Japan’s animation and gaming industries are among the best. Let’s learn about the things you like in this country!

Jo Seok Jun

Work as a team to create an original game!

Game General Department

Animation Voice Actor Major/ Animation Sound Major

Completed Original Game

Game Jam
An event where you create a game within a short time frame. The students break into new teams each time and think about game develop- ment from the planning stage. The final product will be presented to various companies.

Super Virtual Gaming
The students work with a company to create a virtual game then pres- ent their own plans. The selected plan will be used at actual events.

Anime General Dept. (2 years)

  • Animation Major
  • AnimationCharacterMajor
  • Animation CG Major
  • 3DCG/VFX Major
  • AnimationVoiceActorMajor
  • Animation Sound Major
I want to make animation that will bring a smile to people who are feeling sad. I especially want to let children view exciting animation.

Isaline Defferrard

Work as a team to create an original animation!

Hand Drawn Animation

CG Animation

Animation Voice Actor Major


Completed Original Animation

Animation Caravan
An event where the students show the child-oriented animations they created to children. It is a chance to interact directly with the children and hear their reactions.

Student Data

Student Data by Department

Students by Home Country


Starting in April 2017, Tokyo Designer Gakuin College’s Game Creator dept. and Animation dept. will be moved to Tokyo Net Wave and be reborn as a new school.

Prospective Careers

  • Game Planner
  • Character Designer
  • Game Sound Creator
  • Production Assistant
  • CG/VFX Artist
  • Animation Recording and Editing
  • Scenario Writer
  • Background Designer
  • DTM Artist
  • Coloring and Painting
  • Compositor
  • MA Mixer
  • Game Programmer
  • 3DCG Modeler
  • Animator
  • CG Animator
  • Voice Actor

Post-Graduation Employment

  • Square Enix
  • Sega Games
  • COLOPL, Inc.
  • FromSoftware
  • Cygames
  • Capcom
  • Taito
  • R-Force Entertainment
  • Asobimo
  • A-1 Pictures
  • Studio GungHo
  • Shirogumi
  • OLM Digital
  • J.C. Staff
  • Omnibus Japan
  • Madhouse
    …and many others

*The records of students of Tokyo Designer Gakuin’s Game Creator dept. and Animation dept. are also included.

Student Projects


 Single Payment OptionMultiple Payment Option
First SemesterSecond Semester
Regular TuitionFirst YearJPY 1,247,000JPY 837,000JPY 410,000
Second YearJPY 1,294,000JPY 788,000JPY 506,000
International Student
Special Scholarship
First YearJPY 1,047,000JPY 637,000JPY 410,000
Second YearJPY 1,194,000JPY 688,000JPY 506,000

International Student Special Scholarship System:JPY 300,000 will be waived from tuition over 2 years for students who pass the admissions process and meet recommendation requirements.
*Separate teaching materials and training costs are required (Differs depending on department and major)

Admissions Exam

Document AssessmentO
Japanese Written Exam *1 (Equivalent of JLPT N2)O
Interview ExamO
Essay *2△

*2 Depending on the results of the Japanese written examination, a written essay may be required.

Facilities and Equipments

This is an excellent environment for those aiming for the Game or Animation industries.

Tokyo Net Wave has the same facilities and equipments as professional workplaces! We offer a study environment where you can learn game and animation production process in a practical way.

First time in the history of technical school! A multi-purpose theater room inside the school
Gao-kun theater.

This theater-classroom has a complete sound system and can fit approxi- mately 150 people. Equipped with a full HD projector and 170-inch big screen display, the room can be used for game competitions of up to 10 players, anime exhibition, as well as hosting movie awards.

3DCG Studio

Equipped with the video game industry standard 3DCG software programs “3ds Max” and “Maya”, students can create just about anything from game characters to CG backgrounds in this room.

Game Illustration Production Room

Students can create game char- acters and background graphics here using programs like “Photoshop” and “Illustrator”

CG Illustrator Production Room

Equipped with the new “Cintiq 27QHD” tablet, which has a large LCD screen that creates a sensation similar to pen and paper for the artist to use, this room allows students to use “Photoshop” to draw Illustrations and “Zbrush” for digital figures sculpture.

VFX Studio

This room comes with the widely used VFX/CG Image creator program “After Effects” which allows for the combination of CG and actual photos to create various images and effects for actual projects.

Anime Production Room

Equipped with tracing machines, this room uses the “Retas Studio” software to let students work in coloring and painting while also utilizing the Digital photography software “After Effects” to learn important skills for producing animation.

Post-scoring Studio

The studio is used for recording voices of animation, film, and other projects. There is also a large flat TV monitor in front of the mics in the recording studio.

Sound Production Room

This room has the widely used “Pro Tools” and “Cubase” music creation and editing software with which students learn about sound creation. It is also possible to write song using the “Vocaloid” software in this room.

Recording Studio

Fully furnished with the latest version of the industry standard “Pro Tools” hooked up to an “S6 Control Surface”, this quick and efficient high end setup allows for music and sound recording / editing / mixing.

Dance Studio

Dance lessons of various genres are taught in this large space built with good acoustics. A large mirror is hung on the wall so that students can check their poses and dance steps while practicing. It is also occasionally used as a rehearsal studio.


Connected to the lobby, a lot of illustration, games, pictures, videos and other completed projects are featured in this gallery space. You can also see graduated students’ works and company collaboration projects here.


A comfortable terrace for taking a break between classes. On sunny days, you can often see students eating lunch here.


The Lobby has various projects decorating the space for students and others who traverse there each morning. The open atmosphere gives a sense of freedom which creates a relaxed environ- ment for anyone who wish to spend their time here.

Extracurricular Activities

Get out of the classroom and show your skills to professionals!

Throughout the year, there are many opportunities to participate in events and exhibitions where your work can be seen by the outside world.



A chance to present origi- nal games made at school and have them played! Observe real user reactions and be seen by corporations!

17years continuously participating!


An event to present the children’s animation made from April to July by 2nd year students. It’s a great chance to see children’s reactions directly!

School Life

Learn with Japanese students! Experience Japanese culture first-hand!

For those considering employment at a Japanese company, understanding Japanese culture is of the utmost importance. And the best way to do so is to make lots of Japanese friends! At Adachi Education Group, Japanese students and international students study side-by-side, taking the same courses, providing a great chance to learn Japanese language and culture! Even if you are worried about making friends in Japan, those worries will soon disappear! Nationality is no border when pursuing a shared goal!

Adachi Education Group International Student Party
Communication with classmates and cultural differences can be confusing, but it’s no problem once you get used to it. Once I started pro-actively speaking to classmates, we were friends in no time.

Nguyen Ngoc Huy

  • Anime General Dept.
  • Animation Major
  • Vietnam

Leveling up friendship at the ball game!

Having fun at the school festival!



Interviews with students who made their dreams realities here in Japan!

All the things I learned in class proved useful!
The support for foreign students was given with incredible kindness. In all the things I was taught in class, not one thing was a waste. Foreign students may sometimes face difficulties, but I hope they press forward, without fear and refusing to run away.

Wang Qin Ru

  • Graduated in Game Development
  • China


Admissions Office1-8-17 Sendagaya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Tel0120-65-6226Tel (From Overseas)+81-3-3401-9701