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Key Points

We aim to cultivate designers with a broad set of skills and perspectives.

53 years of history and 44,000 graduates!

Tokyo Designer Gakuin College is well-known throughout the design industry, where it continues providing designers and creators to the frontlines. We also offer thorough support to exchange students.

Comprehensive Design School

In addition to offering specialized education through 11 departments that cover all aspects of design, TDG is also engaged in collaborative activities that go beyond the classroom.

Cross-Departmental Electives

You can choose from over 100 courses across all departments and majors, for a curriculum that matches your future.

Present skills and ideas outside school!

* Design Festa * TOKYO DESIGN WEEK * Next Eco Design * SEBIT * Fashion & Make-up Show and more! There is a wealth of opportunities to have your work seen while at school.

Departments and Majors

Our comprehensive design school has many departments and majors.

TDG, as a comprehensive design school, covers all genres of design in order to meet the human resource needs of each industry. Highly specialized courses cultivate capable professionals.

Graphic Design Dept.

Covering a wide range of fields, including marketing, print media, packaging, and web design!

  • Graphic Design Major
  • Illustration Design Major
  • Marketing Design Major
  • Magazine Editorial Design Major
  • Web Design Major

Visual Image Design Dept.

A comprehensive course including CG fundamentals, 3DCG, compositing, visual effects, and the techniques required to bring them to life.

  • 3DCG Major
  • VFX Major
  • Motion Graphics Major
  • CG Major

Illustration Dept.

Nurturing professional illustrators, with a curriculum focused on your future career.

  • Illustration Major
  • Media Illustration Major
  • Digital Illustration Major
  • Game Illustration Major
  • Character Illustration Major
  • Picture Books Creation Major

Comic Illustration Dept.

We foster illustrators and character designers who can respond to the needs of society while capturing the trends of the times and improving their own imagination.

  • Comic Illustration Major
  • Comic Character Major

Manga Dept.

Direct instruction by professional manga artists and thorough individual attention to maximize each student’s potential.

  • Manga Major
  • Digital Manga Major
  • Manga Story Major

Product Design Dept.

A thorough manufacturing-based education for crafts, toys, furniture, accessories, and more.

  • Fancy Goods Design Major
  • Industrial Design Major
  • Toy Design Major
  • Car Design Major
  • Figure Modeling Design Major

Interior Design Dept.

Aspire to become an Interior Designer and design delightful spaces.

  • Interior Design Major
  • Interior Coordination Major
  • Shop Design Major
  • Display Design Major
  • Furniture Design Major

Architectural Design Dept.

Become an architectural designer with highly-polished skills.
The curriculum equips students to pass the 2nd-class Architect exam at graduation.

  • Architectural
    Design Major
  • Residential Design Major

Fashion & Make-up Design Dept.

Learn the business skills of the fashion and fashion industry, and cultivate them into an inter-generational talent.

  • Fashion Design Major
  • Self-produced major
  • Make-up Design Major

Student Data

Student Data by Department

Students by Home Country


*Starting in April 2017, TDG’s Game Creator dept. and Animation dept. will be moved to Tokyo Net Wave and be reborn as a new school.

Prospective Careers

  • Graphic Designer
  • Art Director
  • Marketing Designer
  • Packaging Designer
  • Interior Designer
  • Product Designer
  • Event Designer
  • Manga Author
  • Animation Director
  • Illustrator
  • CG Designer
  • VFX Artist
  • Video Creator
  • Gallery Staff
  • 3DCG Modeller
  • Buyer
  • Architecture Designer
  • Fashion Designer etc.

Post-Graduation Employment

  • Toei Animation Co. Ltd.
  • Digital Frontier
  • Sohbi-Company
  • Sakura Create
  • Crowd Gate Co., Ltd.
  • AACA
  • Sunshine Corporation
  • IKEA Japan
  • MediBang Inc.
  • A-Line
  • Black Beard Design Studio …and more!


 Single Payment OptionMultiple Payment Option
First SemesterSecond Semester
Regular Tuition
3rd Year is only
for Graphic Design Dept.
Design Studio Major
First YearJPY 1,347,000JPY 897,000JPY 450,000
Second YearJPY 1,364,000JPY 818,000JPY 546,000
Third YearJPY 1,364,000JPY 818,000JPY 546,000
International Student
Special Scholarship
First YearJPY 1,147,000JPY 697,000JPY 450,000
Second YearJPY 1,264,000JPY 718,000JPY 546,000

International Student Special Scholarship System: JPY 300,000 will be waived from tuition over 2 years for students who pass the admissions process and meet recommendation requirements. *Separate learning materials and training fees are required. (Differs depending on department and major.)

Admissions Exam

Document AssessmentO
Japanese Written Exam * (Equivalent to JLPT N2)△
Interview ExamO

* Prospective students with JLPT N2 or higher are not required to take the Japanese Written Exam.

Facilities and Equipments

Hone your skills with cutting-edge educational facilities/equipment.

TDG’s comprehensive design curriculum provides professional-level tools and systems, with a work station for each student. Furthermore, each department has special classrooms and facilities for hands-on learning of expert skills.


Cultivate your imagination and expertise with pro-level photo/video equipment. The Green Screen studio is also perfect for filming, compositing, and editing.

Art Studio

This is the classroom for learning design fundamentals via pencil drawing. Drawing is a core class during the 1st stage of many of TDG’s departments.



This is the Interior Design dept.’s lighting studio, where model rooms are built for the Shop Design and Interior Coordination classes.

Manga Classroom

This classroom is equipped with back-lit desks for tracing and spaces for small items, specifically made for the creation of manga.

Sewing Room

Students can create clothes using sewing ma- chines in a variety of designs and specialties. This is primarily used by the Fashion Design dept.


This room was designed based on Hollywood VFX studios. It comes equipped with pro-level tools, such as Maya, NUKE, and Houdini.


Enjoy the stylish furniture and decorations while reading about interior design. This room serves as a lounge for Interior Design students.

Make-up Salon

The Make-up Design dept.’s classrooms feature the same equipment as actual salons. The curricu- lum covers everything from the fundamentals of make-up to methods of serving customers.

Recording Studio

This studio is professionally equipped for BGM and other audio engineering.

Graphic Design Lab

This classroom is the home of the Graphic Design dept.’s industry-collaboration projects, career classes, and seminars, and provides a design studio environment.

Plastics Workshop

This workshop allows students to work with materi- als including plastics, silicon, and plaster.

Woodworking Shop

The woodworking shop features large-scale machinery and a spacious work area, with enough materials to expand your creative activities. TDG is the only school in Tokyo with a workshop of this scale.

Metals Workshop

This workshop is equipped for metalwork, includ- ing welding and polishing. It allows students to create accessories of various shapes and sizes.

Glass Workshop

Primarily used by the Product Design dept., this workshop features a glass-melting burner and tools for glasswork.

Extracurricular Activities

Get out of the classroom and show your skills to professionals!

Throughout the year, there are many opportunities to participate in events and exhibitions where your work can be seen by the outside world.


A historical event in which corporates, studios, embassies, galleries, and other other organizations from both Japan and abroad present their works. Operate a booth in the midst of top-level design, and enjoy an event which goes beyond the school’s department!


The students of the Fashion Design dept. and Make-up Design dept. present the fruits of their 2 years of study. From managing the show, to stage performances, to creating promotional posters/flyers, all students are involved.

School Life

Learn with Japanese students! Experience Japanese culture first-hand!

For those considering employment at a Japanese company, understanding Japanese culture is of the utmost importance. And the best way to do so is to make lots of Japanese friends! At Adachi Education Group, Japanese students and international students study side-by-side, taking the same courses, providing a great chance to learn Japanese language and culture! Even if you are worried about making friends in Japan, those worries will soon disappear! Nationality is no border when pursuing a shared goal!

Adachi Education Group International Student Party
I studied architectural design in France and loved Japanese culture, so I decided to come to learn design in Japan. Classes are easy to understand, and the students and teachers are all very nice! This is the most fun I’ve ever had at school!

Aslannoff Fiona Auriane

  • Product Design Dept.
  • France

Presenting a group-made castle!

Having fun at the Saikachi Exhibition!

Student’s Voice

Japan is a stimulating environment where you can grow every day.
After entering TDG, I learned how to express my imagination through manga. The teaching staff provide a variety of opinions and perspectives to help in our studies. Interacting with the Japanese students is great motivation for us both, and contributes to the excellent school environment.

Tertyshnaia Elena

  • Student of the Manga Dept.
  • Russia

Elena’s Works


Interviews with students who made their dreams realities here in Japan!

The skills I acquired from the selective classes have been incredibly helpful
The blog I started while a student, “The mysteries of Japan discovered by Northern European girl Åsa” reached a number 1 ranking in its genre. It was published by Kadokawa publication and is going to be reprinted due to its favorable reviews. At TDG, the classes you choose are challenging, but they are also academically thorough. It was a wonderful school! The skills I learned here have helped me incredibly as I freelance now.

Åsa Ekström

  • Graduated in Graphic Design
  • Sweden

Debut as a Manga artist


Admissions Office2-11, Kandasurugadai, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, Japan #101-0062
Tel0120-62-6006Tel (From Overseas)+81-3-3294-2834