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International Student Support System

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International students! Achieve your dreams!

Adachi Education Group operates 17 technical schools in Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya, and Kyushu, and 1Japanese language school. Of those, the 5 schools in Tokyo have the most students, with approx. 500 international students attending each year. Whether you’re looking to learn new skills in order to work in Japan or your home country, or proceed onto university, we offer a support system for both post-graduation employment and continuing education, so you can study with peace of mind.


International Student Support Staff

In addition to the supervising teacher of each class, there are also staff for international student support. The international student support staff is committed to helping each student get the most from school life, offering support for studies, daily affairs, post-graduation employment, and visa procedures.

Tokyo Designer Gakuin


Tokyo Visual Arts


Tokyo School of Business

Tokyo Institute of Tourism

Tokyo Cool Japan


International Affairs Dept.

We offer support for the following matters in English, Chinese, Korean, and Vietnamese. Please feel free to ask about anything from admissions to visas. We also accept requests for school tours.

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International Student Support by email


Residence Support System

A guarantor is required when renting a private apartment in Japan. In addition to introducing school- affiliated student dorms and apartments, we also can provide advice based on your needs concerning rent and location. Students are also able to use the “International Student Residence Coverage System” where our schools will act as a guarantor when finding a place to live.

Part-time Work Support

International students are eligible for part-time work if they receive special permission from a regional immigration bureau (up to 28 hours/week, 8 hours/day). Our schools also permit students to work within the conditions specified by the Immigration Bureau. We are able to introduce students to many open positions, and offer support on writing resumes and attending interviews.

Japanese Language Support System

All classes are conducted in Japanese, excluding foreign language classes and other special cases. We offer special courses for JLPT N1 and N2 to support our international students’ Japanese language and communication skills, which will be especially useful when seeking post- graduation employment in Japan.


Scholarship System

Our schools offer a “Special International Student Scholarship System” to economically support international students seeking specialized skills and knowledge in Japan.

Special International Student Scholarship System

This is Adachi Education Group’s own scholarship program. For students with good attendance at Japanese language school and a recommendation from the school’s director, or those who are selected during the school’s own admissions process, we will waive JPY 300,000 (1st year JPY 200,000, 2nd year JPY 100,000) from tuition as a special international student scholarship.

Monbukagakusho Honors Scholarship for Privately-Financed International Students

The Japan Student Services Organization offers a scholarship for current students with high achievements. It is paid for 12 months, with no obligation for repayment. For more details, please refer to the following page:

Tuition Installment Payment Program

We also offer a program of tuition payments in installments. The installments are interest-free, so please use at your convenience.


Post-graduation Employment Support System

Our schools offer a “Special International Student Scholarship System” to economically support international students seeking specialized skills and knowledge in Japan.

Helping students find work in all industries with our own support system

The teachers supervising each class are excellent sources of advice, direction, and support, with their close understanding of each student’s unique strengths and situation.

Internship Program

Current students have access to our internship program (corporate training) through which they can experience professional jobs at leading companies in each industry. There are a wealth of companies participating, and some internships may also lead to permanent positions.