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About the Class curriculum

Q. Which level of Japanese is necessary?

A. Our schools’ lessons are all conducted in Japanese, so Japanese language proficiency N2 level is required. At the time of admission, there will be a Japanese exam which has the same difficulty as JLPT N2. That level of proficiency is necessary in order to understand the lessons. After entering, there will also be Japanese lessons to strengthening your skill of communi- cation in everyday life as well as business situations and paper works.

Q. After admission, is there a system for receiving Japanese language support?

A. Other than foreign language classes and special circumstances, all classes will be conducted in Japanese. After graduation, in the case that students wish to stay and work in Japan, Japanese communication ability is very important. We also organize classes that work toward passing N1 and N2 of the Japanese Language Proficiency Test.

Q. I’ve heard that technical schools are busy. About how long are classes?

A. Generally, classes are held from Monday to Friday with weekends and holidays off. There are 5 periods of classes throughout the day, but depending on the chosen course of study the actual class times will vary. Outside of actual class time, self study and/or working a part time job is permissible.

Furthering your education

Q. Can you transfer to a university?

A. After finishing the technical school’s curriculum and receiving the Diploma, it is possible to transfer to a university. Depending on the university’s curriculum, many universities allow transfer students to start from 2nd or 3rd year.

Q. Are there job opportunities for graduates?

A. We are proud of our high percentage of job placement for graduated students. For students seeking employment within Japan, personal and detailed backup will be given. For those returning to their home countries, support will be given as various opportunities arise through full use of the Group’s network.

About Living Conditions

Q. About how much does it cost to live in Tokyo each month?

A. Average rent is between 50,000-70,000 yen; electric, gas, and water bills usually run 5,000-6,000 yen, with other living expenses summing up to about 50,000 yen. In total 120,000-150,000 yen is required. Of course there are many students that lower their living expenses through practices of frugality.

Q. Can I work part-time?

A. The Japanese Immigration Office does allow students to work part-time. According to the decisions of the Immigration Office and Center for Refugees, foreign students can receive a permit to work part time jobs but no more then 28 hours per week, and less then 8 hour days during school breaks.

Q. After classes, can I ask teachers questions and use the classrooms?

A. Please ask as many questions as you want. We encourage teacher/student interaction. The rooms are available, though it may be necessary to reserve the rooms in advance.

Q. Are there long school vacations?

A. The 3 breaks each year are Summer vacation, Winter vacation, and Spring vacation. Summer vacation: from mid July to end of August
Winter vacation: from mid December to beginning of January
Spring vacation: from beginning of March to beginning of April

Q. Is there a system for providing housing support?

A. In order to rent a private apartment in Japan, a guarantor is required. In addition to school dormitories and apartments, we offers counseling to help students find a desirable rent and location. Upon acceptance, the school can also act as a joint guarantor. There is even a housing compensation system for international students.

Q. Can I talk to the school about daily life issues, or things that I don’t understand?

A. There are teachers in charge of international students’s affairs. If problems arise, from small worries to bigger issues, we can quickly assist you. In order to have a worry free student life, please do not hesitate to ask about either school matters or private concerns. We will work together to find a solution.

Q. Please tell me about scholarships

A. Adachi Education Group’s schools are accredited, so students who have good results can apply for the “Monbukagakusho Honors Scholarship for Privately-Financed International Students”. This is a fund that does not need to be repaid and can be received over a 12 month period. There are also seperate scholarships offered by the Adachi Education Group. Either those who have good attendance record at a Japanese language school and having the recommendation of the principal at the said school or those who are recognized as qualified through our school’s entrance exam will receive a 2 year scholarship worth 300,000 yen* in exemptions from tuition fees. (Those who graduate from a language school within the Adachi Education Group and proceed directly to technical school will receive a 300,000 yen exemption for certain)
*200,000 yen for the first year and 100,000 yen for the second year